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Theodore Metaxas

Dr. Theodore Metaxas (married with two children) was born in Altena (Germany), 18/4/1968.  He graduated from Aristotle Universityof Thessaloniki, Economics Department in 1996 specialised in ‘Programming and Development’ sector. He receives two postgraduate diplomas from Kingston University U.K (MBA) [1996-1998] and the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly specialized in ‘Planning and Regional Policy’(2000-2001). From the same department he received his PhD. in ‘Urban Development and Business Competitiveness’.

During his studies, he gets several scholarships from the Department of Planning and Regional Development, University of Thessaly, while his PhD. research was funded from Greek Ministry of Education and Religion and also the European Union in the frame of HERAKLITOS project ‘Studies on Basic Research’. The period 1997-2001 he worked in private sector as business executive and as tutor in several programmes of marketing, management and tourism development in colleges and enterprises. Since 2008 is adjunct professor in Hellenic Open University.  He has more than 25 publications in qualifiedacademic journals, such as European Planning Studies, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, International Journal ofSustainable Development and Planning, Tourism Today, Evolutionary and Institutional Economic Review, Business History, Place Branding and Public Diplomacy, while he is also a reviewer Urban Studies and European Planning Studies journals. Heparticipated in more than 30 international and national conferences, and in more than 20 European Research Programmes. His research interests concern urban development and territorial competition, business competitiveness, strategic planning and urban management, tourism development, place marketing, especially in the area of South and Eastern Europe.
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