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Strategic Management

Course Instructor: Lecturer Victoria Bellou, Lecturer Yeorgios Stamboulis, ECTS credits: 5

Course Description

Strategic Management aims at creating and maintaining corporate competitive advantages, by examining the right planning, effective implementation, appropriate assessment and thorough control of the organization and its subsystems.


Learning Objectives

The module of Strategic Management seeks to familiarize the students with

the key concepts and practices with the discipline and also to help them

recognize and realize the application of these by current organizations.


The key aims of this module are:

• The recognition of the importance of Strategic Management as a

means for creating and maintaining competitive advantages

• The understanding of the main principles of Strategic Managemnt and

their impact on the overall operation of organizations

• The identification and assessment of the strategic choices of current




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  • Thompson, A., Strickland, A.J, and Gamble, J.E. (2011). Crafting and Executing Strategy. 18th ed., New York, McGraw Hill.


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