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International Development Issues

ECTS credits: 5

Course Description

Contemporary international development issues are addressed. Beginning with a brief overview of the growth process of the global economy and the various development theories, the lectures focus on themes such as global inequalities and the developmental gap, the convergence or divergence discourse, global economy governance regimes, emerging economies and the economies of the BRIC countries, international development aid, migration flows, the consequences of the recent economic crisis.


Learning Objectives

The course is designed in a flexible rather than a rigid structure in order to be able to adjust to global development issues as they arise and change. The main objective is to offer students a broader understanding of global developmental issues and to be able to put them in a historical, socioeconomic and political perspective. Students will acquaint themselves with the current debate and discourse issues in development economics , understand the contemporary dynamics of the global economy, its growth and integration process, appreciate the role of key state and non-state players in this phase of globalization, critically assess achievements and failures of global development and the issues associated with global economic governance and regulation.



Depending on the shifts of the thematic focus the reading list varies. Currently it includes:

  • Meier, G. and J. Rauch Leading Issues in Economic Development , Oxford University Press

  • Milanovic, B. Worlds Apart, Princeton University Press

  • Sutcliffe, B. 100 Ways of Seeing an Unequal World, Zed Books

  • Reppas, P. Economic Development: Theory and Strategy. Vols I & II. (in greek)

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