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Topics in the History of Applied Economics

Course Instructor: Professor Μ. Zouboulakis, ECTS credits: 5

Course Description

The course examines several topics from the history of economic thought perspective dealing with crucial economic policy issues on major diachronic economic problems.


Learning Objectives

Through the historical overview of economic policy issues and their theoretical treatment by the economists of the past, this course aims to reveal their significance for our day’s crucial economic problems. It provides the essential historical linkages to the contemporary complex macroeconomic environment that influence the operation of markets.


Course Outline

  1. The methodological issue of the relationship between theory and policy (1 lecture)

  2. Competition policies and the eternal debate between protectionists and free marketeers (2 lectures)

  3. Market policies in agriculture and transport (2 lectures)

  4. Market policies in labor, employment and taxes (2 lectures)

  5. Production of public and semi-public goods: defense, internal security, education and health (2 lectures)

  6. The banking system and the money market policy issues (2 lectures)

  7. Policies for regulating the effects of economic cycles (1 lecture)

  8. Institutions, development and economic performance (1 lecture)



Backhouse, R. [1994], Economists and the economy, Oxford, Basil Blackwell.

Backhouse, R. – Biddle, J. [2000], Toward a history of applied economics, Durham, Duke University Press

Ferguson, N. [2008], “The Ascent of Money— A Financial History of the World”, London, Penguin Press.

Schumpeter, J. [1954], History of Economic Analysis, New York, Allen & Unwin.




Final evaluation will be based on an overall oral final exam based on the material of the bibliography and an essay suggested to each student individually, by the teacher.




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