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Operations Management

Course instructors: Lecturer  Yeoryios Stamboulis, Lecturer Victoria Bellou, ECTS credits: 5

Course Description

Operations management is the subject of designing, planning and controlling systems for the production of goods and services (firms, NGOs, hospitals etc.). The aim of the course is to coach students in developing the critical analytical competencies for dealing with the reality of production.

Learning Objectives

Students should develop critical analytical skills in order to assess and deal with critical challenges in the reality of production. The issues of capacity planning, quality management, performance management and project management are set within the scope of the operations strategy process. Students will be able to:

  • Design and manage operations management in manufacturing, construction and services

  • Comprehend and analyze operations strategy and stakeholder dynamics

  • Explore the dynamics of operations and organizations


Pre-course: Slack, N., Chambers, S. & Johnston, R. (2008) Operations management, 5thed. FT/Prentice Hall.

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