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Urban Development and Real Estate

Course Instructor: Lecturer Paschalis Arvanitidis, ECTS credits: 5

Course Description

The aim of the course is to provide students with the conceptual and analytical tools to understand the mechanisms of the urban built environment formation and the function of the real estate markets. The course analyses selected topics, in both urban economics and real estate economics, drawn from the list below:

  • The creation and development of cities (why cities exist)

  • Location theory (where do cities develop)

  • Urban systems (how cities are distributed)

  • The urban land market: land rent and land use theory

  • Urban change, urban problems and new urban structure

  • Definition and characteristics of the real estate and the real estate market

  • The function of real estate markets (demand-side models)

  • Real estate supply: heterodox approaches

  • Real estate development and finance

  • Macroeconomics and the real estate market

  • Corporate real estate and real estate management

  • Method of spatial analysis and introduction to spatial econometrics

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